Benefits of Mulching and Best Practices:

Why Mulch Your Landscape?

Mulching is a simple yet effective practice with numerous benefits for your landscape. Here’s why
mulching is essential:

  1. Moisture Retention: Mulch acts as a protective barrier, reducing evaporation and helping the
    soil retain moisture. This is especially beneficial during hot and dry periods when water
    conservation is crucial for maintaining healthy plants.
  2. Weed Suppression: A layer of mulch helps suppress weed growth by blocking sunlight and
    preventing weed seeds from germinating. This reduces the need for manual weeding and
    minimizes competition for nutrients and water.
  3. Soil Temperature Regulation: Mulch insulates the soil, moderating temperature extremes and
    providing a more stable environment for plant roots. In winter, mulch helps prevent soil from
    freezing and thawing rapidly, which can damage plant roots.
  4. Nutrient Recycling: Organic mulches, such as shredded leaves or compost, gradually decompose
    over time, releasing valuable nutrients into the soil. This natural nutrient cycling improves soil
    fertility and promotes healthy plant growth.

When to Mulch Your Landscape:

The best time to mulch your landscape depends on various factors, including the type of mulch used and
the specific needs of your plants. However, here are some general guidelines:

  • Spring: Apply mulch in spring to help retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and insulate the soil
    as plants begin active growth.
  • Fall: Mulch again in fall to protect plant roots from winter cold and reduce soil temperature
    fluctuations. Fall mulching also helps conserve moisture during the winter months.
  • As Needed: Replenish mulch throughout the year as needed to maintain a consistent layer
    thickness of 2-4 inches. Monitor mulch depth regularly and add more as it decomposes or
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